Our mission is to become the “Sales Specialists” of our Industry.

To offer an alternative SMP solution, other than merchandising, to emerging and existing manufacturers and brand owners in the FMCG Industry.

To maximise sales for manufacturers and brand owners and become the best decision our Clients have made!


Established in August 2021, National Reps is the first national Sales and Merchandising Partner (SMP) of its kind in South Africa.

With the understanding and acknowledgement that the modern emerging and top SMP’s undoubtedly lack selling skills due to reasons noted below by our Founder, it can easily be determined that the future of SMP’s focus will predominantly be replenishing and merchandising, which means that need for a selling partner like National Reps is inevitable and necessary to activate sales and increase sales in both the owner-driven and computer-driven businesses in the FMCG Industry.

Our direction is, therefore, to specialise in selling and to dominate as the best-selling team in the SMP space.

Our Founder’s Message

Over the last decade the FMCG industry has lost considerable selling skills, to the point where most Reps cannot even be regarded as order takers. There are a number of contributing factors:-

  • Low salaries with little or no sales incentives to increase sales and/or personal income;
  • Low commissions/fees paid by Principals and the demands placed on the SMP’s to supply resources; and
  • Constant pressure that SMP’s find themselves under to obtain higher BBEEE levels in order to sustain and grow their businesses. As a result, top ‘n emerging SMP’s no longer employ Sales Reps predominantly on merit but rather on factors that influence their BBEEE status.

In the modern SMP world many small to medium manufacturers and brand owners are being rejected due to lack of turnover or affordability and thus are struggling to enter the Formal Trade of the FMCG Industry. National Reps has the solution!

"Climb onboard with the best of the best"

A message from our Founder

"Our Primary Focus is selling..."

A message from our Founder

"Committed to never ending improvement, always growing, always wanting more..."

A message from our Founder