National Reps is a National Sales and On-Shelf Availability Partner whose Primary Objective is to Sell and its Secondary is to ensure On-Shelf Availability.  In addition, as a result of our national footprint, we are able to offer local, regional and/or national Audits and Market Surveys.


Our Primary Objective is Selling and to increase Sales.

  • Store & NPD Activations
  • Increase Ranging
  • Maximise Cycle Deals
  • Negotiate Ad-hoc Deals
  • Leverage Price Increases
  • Arrange for FSU Placements
  • Secure Additional Interruption Points


Our Secondary Objective is to ensure  On-Shelf Availability (OSA).

  • Check Shelf Health
  • Protect Client Product Standards
  • Improve Shelf Position
  • Increase Forward Share
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Stock Count Corrections
  • Brief Merchandisers


As an addition service, we offer Store Audits and Market Surveys.

  • Store Audits
  • Ghost Audits
  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Surveys
  • Price Checks
  • Distribution Surveys
  • Q&A’s

Our Sales Team

Our team of Sales Representatives consists firstly of salespeople who believe in themselves and their abilities so much so that they derive their income solely through selling on a commission basis only.

Secondly, they validate their confidence in themselves and their abilities through the commitment to carrying their own costs, including fuel, transport, accommodation, travel costs, vehicle maintenance, and business stationery; and employ their own in-car merchandisers.


what we do for you


Store Activations

Store Activations grow the Manufacturers or Brand Owners customer’s base, directly or indirectly and in turn, increases sales and improves the profitability for the Principal, whether at Key Account or store level.


Increase Ranging

Increasing the range in a store increases the feasibility and profitability to supply a store. In addition, it creates credibility by the store in the product(s) which in turn improves brand awareness and promotes confidence in the product(s)/brand for the consumer to purchase, hence a climb in sales.


Grow Forward Share

Modern Traders, chain stores, determine Forward Share (FS) on the shelf by Rate of Sale (ROS). One of the best ways to grow sales is to increase FS in advance, which in turn influences the ROS and causes stores to increase orders, irrespective if they owner-driven or computer-driven stores.


Maximize Cycle Deals

Cycle Deals encourage stores to increase orders, but more importantly motivates our commission-based sales reps to maximize orders which, in turn, increases their monthly income and as a result, sales increase!


Negotiate Sell Out Space

Negotiating Sell Out Space increases the chances of success of any new (NPD) or ranged product. Sell out space includes:-

  • Primary shelf metre and/or drops,
  • Additional interruption points,
  • FSU’s, Dual merchandising,
  • In-store leaflets,
  • Gondola Ends, Power-wings,
  • Price Talkers, Price Flashers & Wobblers.

Inevitably increasing sales.


Ensure Compliance

Ensuring compliance secures the best Return on Investment (ROI) for the Principals, on their spend.

Our SERVICED Industries

FMCG - Fast Moving Consumable Goods

Our coverage in the Formal Trade includes the Modern Trade (Chain) and Buying Groups. Includes, Pick n Pay, Shoprite/Checkers,
FoodLovers Market (FLM), Spar, OKFD, Masscash, MassMart, Shield, UMS, EST, etc.